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The Chestnut Mare: A Horse Story by Author Clyde Hoch

The Chestnut Mare: A Horse Story
by Author Clyde Hoch

A few days ago, I received this note from a friend. I almost forgot about this until she reminded me of it. Remembering back, I remember the horse, I remember feeling very confident about getting on the horse. I felt in my heart this is something I can and will do. I just knew I could do it. My friend writes…

I remember the time my first husband and I had horses and one of them was only “green broke.” Autumn had never been ridden. She was a beautiful chestnut mare with a black mane and tail that reached the ground. She was a very spirited horse and you volunteered to break her for us. I was very nervous and tried to persuade you otherwise, fearing for your safety but you insisted you would be fine and up you went into the saddle! Well, that horse bucked and bucked, hooves into the air and every which way but you had one arm in the air like a true cowboy and stayed on that horse until she quit bucking and just settled down. Something I will never forget. Thank you for that memory!
Your friend, Ruth Harvey!!

I remember this horse. As the horse bucked I started to enjoy the ride, it was fun. My friend Ruth said I was smiling the whole time. When Autumn finally settled down and stopped bucking, I felt let down. This was a big rush for me. I was probably 25 years old at the time, a few years after returning home from the Vietnam War. After Vietnam few things gave me a rush in my life. Riding Autumn was surly one of the few. In my area there was not a lot of demand for breaking horses, unfortunately.

About the Author
From Pennsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, Sergeant Clyde Hoch is an acclaimed author, recently winning the coveted Readers Favorite Bronze Medal for his book A Man Down I have several of Clyde's books in my library; recommended reading!

A consultant for screenplay writers, and much more, Clyde is a Vietnam War Veteran, public speaker, and mentor. In his books, Clyde shares his wartime experiences and the challenges of being a war veteran. 

Connect with Clyde…

Read Clyde's childhood story about Spike, a cherished Clydesdale...

Books by Clyde Hoch:

Tracks Memoirs of a Vietnam Veteran This is Clyde’s military experience as a tank commander in Vietnam.

A Tribute to Tankers has a short description on a type of tank and follows with stories of people who served in that type of tank in combat, starting with WWI and ends with Iraq.

B. A. R. Man Browning Automatic Rifle Man is the story of a young man who does some amazing things in the Korean War until he is wounded and captured by the Chinese. He is forced to march 200 miles with no medical attention. He is held as a POW for two and a half years.

A Man Down is the story of four young men who gave their lives for their country. This book won a bronze medal from Readers Favorite.

Albion is Clyde’s first work of fiction. It has eight chapters. Each chapter is a different story and different period in time.

God Help Me! Cause No One Else Will is Clyde’s sixth book. It is about post-traumatic stress disorder and veteran's suicides and how to prevent them. 

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