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Seth Benzel, Abstract Deconstructionist, Horse Trainer, and more...

First Saddle © Seth Benzel

Residing in New York, USA, Abstract Deconstructionist Seth Benzel creates stunning artwork. His creativity reflects “a desire to challenge the viewer, deny the mistake, and value the mark within a new, conceptual context, while drawing from other movements throughout art history.”

In addition to creating fine art, Benzel is the proprietor of AmDubai Racing Stable; he is an avid horse trainer and horse enthusiast. Traveling the world, Benzel talks about his art, horses, and much more…

What is an Abstract Deconstructionist?
Deconstructionism is a term coined by Jacques Derrida who was an influential philosopher during the 20th century. There are many layers of his short, he believed everything can be deconstructed to an origin and recreated to form a new reality.  My work shows a deconstruction of the pictorial plan, using lines and implied movement that show "natural world" influences, yielding objects that are result of this new reality.  The movement comes together so that it reads both complete -- yet undecided -- and open for interpretation. Abstraction and deconstruction provides solace... that nothing is preordained. A painting can represent a new reality and should remain 'living', and viewed differently, without the possibility of finality."

Do you have a favorite painting of your own creation?
Desert I is a favorite of mine... It was created during a summer class program at Skidmore College in 2000.  As an example, it achieves everything I try to attain, as I approach a painting.  It has balance, quality, form, movement, and achieves a sort of unknown landscape that keeps you interested.
Desert I © Seth Benzel

Describe your studio...
My studio exists in my home in Saratoga Springs, New York.  The home was designed by my father who is an Architect and Painter.  He designed it to serve as a studio and a place to hang artwork.

Where are you currently exhibiting?
My next show is scheduled October 9th-29th at Agora Gallery in NYC.  I am excited to have joined their ranks and to be represented by them for the next year and a half.

Who is your favorite artist/inspiration? 
Kandinsky, Gorky, Rothko, Neruda, Dylan, and Kerouac.

What are you currently painting?
I continue to work on large abstract paintings... just started working on wood panel as well which has revealed some nice findings.

How do horses influence your artistic creativity?
Horses occasional enter the conversation… although I do not force the subject.  I have a lot of emotions related to the horse...when it feels natural...I go with it.

Galloping © Seth Benzel
When was your first encounter with a horse?
I was introduced to the track at a very young age...from 13 on it was my focus. I worked my way up...and went on my own in 2008.

What training methods do you use?
Common sense...horsemanship...always putting the horse first.

Tell me about AmDubai Racing Stables...
AmDubai Racing Stables was formed by my wife and I after we met in Dubai.  I trained there for the first time in 2012-13 season and really enjoyed the atmosphere of international racing.  We felt we could make a connection between the markets of America and Dubai...hence the name: AmDubai Racing Stable.  To date we continue to serve this connection through training, bloodstock, and advising.

What does horsemanship mean to you? 
Horsemanship is satisfying the needs of each horse. From the basics to advanced management under the rigors of competition.  Horsemanship also means looking beyond the game...and taking care of our responsibility to each equine athlete, both during and after their careers.

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In You the Earth © Seth Benzel

Red Muse © Seth Benzel

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