Monday, April 14, 2014

The Original Rug Bag

It is what we have been waiting for to protect our expensive rugs and to help them last longer.

From Hertfordshire, UK, welcome Janette Perrett, CEO

The Original Rug/Travel Bag protects your rugs whilst hanging on a rug rail. It also doubles as a travel bag rolling up to transport your rugs making them compact and easy to carry. It is a new innovative Patent Pending product made in Britain made from strong light/weight waterproof/breathable fabric.

Janette shares how the Rug Bag happened…

I have wanted a Rug Bag to protect my rugs for years ever since I bought my first rug rail. Every year when all the new equestrian catalogues came out I eagerly looked to see if anyone had made one and was disappointed over and over again. In 2011 I decided to make my own and a friend who makes curtains helped me make my first Rug Bag. I made many design changes and lots of mistakes before I got it right and I rigorously tested it in my own stables and tack room for over a year to make sure it does what it’s designed to do. It has been a huge challenge getting the Rug Bag to manufacturer lots of stress and tears but with lots of help from very unexpected sources I now have a Rug Bag that I am very happy with and proud of.

We are a new online family business based in East Hertfordshire. We are horse owners and are passionate about our horses and horse welfare, they are a very important part of our lives.

Horses are tough on their rugs and they can be very expensive to replace so we feel it’s really important to take the best care of them. Keeping horse rugs neat and clean has always been a challenge but not any more as we now have The Original Rug Bag. We have designed the Rug Bag to fit around your rugs whilst hanging on a rug rail, it also cleverly doubles as a Travel Bag making transporting your rugs easy and compact.

It’s easy to fit on/take off and its the solution that you have been waiting for to help protect your rugs from dust, dirt, water, creepy crawlies etc. plus it makes your tack room look neat and tidy.

For more information and to connect with Janette please go to:
phone 01920 438306

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