Sunday, June 30, 2013

Farmgirl Sisterhood

June greetings!

A new member of Mary Jane's Farm - Farmgirl Sisterhood, I look forward to meeting and following fellow Sisters, as well as sharing blog posts, including interviews of Famous People (writers, poets, authors, equestrians, horse breeders, farm/stable managers, master painters, photographers, artists, and much more...)! 

Stay updated via Press Releasescheck out Serendipity, read contributions from other writers/poets in Sharing, and enjoy your visit to my Freelance Archive! 

I'll be posting my attempt to earn Mary Jane's Farm Merit Badges..and connect with everyone at the next Glamping...!

If you'd like to have your blog featured via my blog, or be a guest and interview, send me a message! 

Thanks for connecting and following!

'HorseSister' Gina #5281

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