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Barbara Morgenroth, Equine Author

Barbara Morgenroth is an internationally acclaimed author of fiction and non-fiction. Formerly from New York City, she now lives somewhere else. Barbara envisioned a career as a globe-hopping photojournalist, but after college she determined her hop muscles weren't global strength so turned to writing. No life experience is safe from her keyboard and Barbara has proven that being a magnet for story material may be over stimulating to live through, but it's all ultimately research….

Welcome Barbara!

You love horses. Describe your past/present horses…

Since I had a stable where I taught riding, I’ve had quite a number of horses in my life. I had a terrific Pony of the Americas. Those were great experiences and I loved the kids who wanted to be around horses.

I like warmbloods. I had an Anglo-Trakenher, and a Dutch Warmblood. While I have had a couple Thoroughbreds, that’s not quite as good a match for me. I love ponies and had a gray Welsh pony named Gwen. She was adorable.

What books have you written?

I started my career in traditional publishing writing books about horses and riding, did some YA (Young Adult), then I worked in television for a while, then I returned to books and did adult and nonfiction. Then I switched to digital. It’s been a wonderful learning experience.

EBooks by Barbara Morgenroth

Bad Apple 1
Bad Apple 2: Burning Daylight
Bad Apple 3: Rise
Bad Apple 4: Certain
Flash of Light
Bittersweet Farm 1: Mounted
Bittersweet Farm 2: Joyful Spirit
Caprice's Totally Screwed Up Wish
Just Kate
Pass or Fail
Blue Raja
In Under My Head
Almost Breathing
Not Low Maintenance
Unspeakably Desirable
Fly Away With Me
Nothing Serious
Murder Is Exhausting

Dream Horse
Summer Horse

Jingles All The Way

The Ice Cream Parlor--History & Recipes
Verrines: Sweet & Savory Parfaits Made Easy

Where is your favorite place to write?

My favorite place hasn’t been found yet. I just have an office like most people.

What are you currently writing?

Bittersweet Farm 3: Wingspread is my current YA project. It focuses on two sisters, Talia Margolin and Greer Swope, at the family farm and their riding coach, Lockie Malone.

I wonder if you have a dog....

I have had Bullmastiffs for quite a few years now. They’re very easy to live with disposition-wise even if they are so big they block the hallway resulting in massive traffic jams. I have 2 Bullmastiffs now so it’s nearly impossible to get through the house.

Where have you traveled in the world?

I’ve been to England and Ireland. The countryside in both is spectacular. Ireland especially, with the rolling green pastures. You can’t help but think how perfect they are for horses.

Where is your favorite place to be?

Santa Barbara California has a nearly perfect climate—if it rained throughout the year it would be perfect—and is gorgeous. There are ranches and horses, mountains, oceans and incredible vistas. I haven’t been to Southern France but I imagine they are similar.

What is your best advice for aspiring writers?

Read a lot including the classics, read a couple books on screenwriting, live life and put some thought into your work.

List ten things about yourself that no one else knows....

No one? I’m not likely to tell any secrets on the internet.

I quite like fountain pens although the ink cartridges dry up before I use them.

I think I can get through the rest of my life without eating fish.

I love glass. I know it’s everywhere but art glass can be beautiful.

I love silent movies and am very glad Turner Classic Movies runs them once in a while. If they would air them when I am not writing it would be even better.

Flip-flops on men. Not a good style choice.

I love amusement parks. What a great idea.

I love old advertising posters. 

I didn’t know I could love bluegrass music until I heard Sarah Jarosz.

I don’t like a corded mouse.

I love my Nikon camera but I think everyone who knows me knows that.

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