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Elizabeth Castillo, Poet

From Rizal, Philippines, Elizabeth Castillo is an international poetess. Her first book of poetry, Season of Emotions, was released in January 2013. Her poetry has been featured in over 20 anthologies, and counting... 

Welcome Elizabeth!

What is your view of current world events?
The world nowadays is plagued with various controversies involving religion and politics mostly; conflicts between nations, territorial disputes and other major topics. Even the latest resignation of the Pope as leader of the Catholic Church was attacked with so much controversies and hearsays. I read world events online once in awhile. I am concerned for what is happening around especially news about the environment, violence on women and children and abuse of human rights.  Most of them are alarming; some do come and go and are replaced by newer hot issues or those that are trending. With the advances in technology, faster transmission of communication, one wouldn’t be left behind of what’s happening around him unlike before.

What is your life’s mission?
My life’s mission as a writer and poet is to touch lives through pen pushing. I want to leave marks on other people’s lives in whatever way I may have touched them through my written words. God gave me this gift of words and I believe I have the obligation to share it and not just keep to myself.

When did you realize you wanted to become a writer/poet?
At a very young age, my preteen years, I exhibited writing inclinations with dozens of poems/essays and just kept them in torn and worn-out pages of my notebooks. I have always loved writing for it is my passion.

Can you remember the first poem you ever wrote?
Honestly, I cannot vividly remember the very first poem I composed. Most of them though were love poems; either sad love poems of separation or happy love poems of being in the throes of love.

What is your primary genre?
I have always written poetry, some essays and short stories. I also do blogging. I really wanted to become a flexible writer for I have experienced news writing already, feature and creative writing. What I haven’t done yet is to write a novel which I may eventually venture in the near future. Could be a dark or horror novel like my idol Stephen King does.

Where do you currently work?
I am currently working as a professional writer and also as an online English instructor for Koreans. I am also a contributing editor for an international online magazine, Inner Child The Magazine and co-authoring various international anthologies.

As a contributing editor, what do you look for?
As a contributing editor for Inner Child the Magazine’s section All About the Love, I usually write topics about life, love and relationships, so mainly, it’s all about the love.

Name a favorite poem or two and a few of your favorite poets…
Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways is my all-time favorite. I also adore Emily Dickinson’s A Charm Invests A FaceI love the works of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Emily Dickinson and Rumi and largely influenced by their masterpieces, though I have my own poetic style.

Is it important to you if your poems get published or not?
I have always dreamed of publishing my own books and after winning an international competition and having a free publication of my first international poetry book which is Seasons of Emotions, I knew my dream finally came true. Writing is my passion and my gift to the world so I must share it. After publishing my first poetry book, I will also be releasing my second book, but this time it would be a collection of my well-loved blogs, essays, prose and poetry, short stories and quotes within this year with another publishing company.

What does poetry really mean to you?
Poetry lets me pour out my various emotions even the suppresses one we didn’t  know exist inside of us ‘til the moment you start jotting down what you’re feeling. It’s more than an escape into the unknown, a refuge for your creativity and sometimes wild imagination not all ordinary ungifted people like us understand.

Define perfect poetry…
Perfect poetry for me is one that wakes up the feelings and senses of your readers, carries them to a place you have made up in your imagination as written on your pieces or one that touches the readers in one way or the other.  I consider myself as a modernist writer/poet for I like my readers to experience surreal feelings once they get to read my work, much like James Joyce style - stream of consciousness.

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