Friday, September 5, 2014

Warda Al Barbar, World Poetess

Cavalier kiss
By Warda Al Barbar
My cavalier wants to see me
My cavalier wants to kiss me
My cavalier is far away from me
I’m here begging you to call..
A part of you is twinkling
In my heart
you’re the man
of tenderness, a Lover of peace
The best of all
Ink of jealousy
Is Running in my poetry tonight
..angels around you
Wearing white and blue
And I’m here singing I miss you
All I want is to dwell in you..
it’s like a dream I confess ..
holding a moon in my hand
so is hearing your voice
before I slumber..
be my man or a passenger of my lines..
you get the choice..

Warda Al Barbar is the literary name of the Algerian poet and writer Warda Atroun. She is a 25 year old teacher of foreign languages at private schools in Oran. Warda writes in English, French and Arabic and has authored a poetry collection in Arabic called Lady between the sun and the moon (2013), edited and published by Al Adeeb Editions; it is being translated into English and French.

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