Saturday, April 27, 2013

Hamza Hassan, Poet

Hamza Hassan is a famous poet, known for his love poems, lyrics of romance and passion. His first collection of poems Some Moments of Love appeared in 2004. The book was highly appreciated by literary circles around the world.

Welcome Hamza!

Can you remember the first poem you wrote?

Yes off course, I still remember. My first poem was The Trees written by me when I was in class 8, almost 12 years of age, and it was published in a children’s magazine.

What was
The Trees about?

About the trees and nature; I still remember its first verse…

When I come across these trees
I feel a lovely breeze

Name a favorite poem or two...

Solitary Reaper, by William Wordsworth
Lucy Gray, by William Wordsworth
Incident in the French Camp, by Robert Browning

... and a few of your favorite poets.

John Keats, William Wordsworth

Do you think poetry is important in the global scale of things or just a pleasant, indulgent hobby?

As I think poetry is important in the present era, it serves multi purposes. From emotions and feelings, to the social problems and burning issues; it is one way to portray the realities.
What books have you published?

My 2 collections of poems Some Moments of Love and Museum of Reminiscence have been published. My published novel Thirst All Around hit the market in 2011.

What are you currently writing?

I am working on my collection of short stories nowadays as well writing my second novel which will be published next year.

What does poetry mean to you?

Poetry is very meaningful to me, my life, emotions, feelings, memories as well as the companion of my solitude.

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Unknown said...

Beautiful interview, I haven't yet read his books but I have heard of them

janat said...

hamza hassan is my favourite poet and novelist from Pakistan.his work is outstanding which makes him a remarkable writer of modern english literature,he is no doubt the pride of Pakistan.janat

Mubarak Lashari said...

Hamza Hassan is really very passionate n enthusiastic poet and energetic young man, I appreciate his stances in poetry and novels....
facebook id,

Saleem Pasha said...

Nice to read your views about poetry and your creative work. May God bless you with more like these.

Saleem Pasha

Anonymous said...

Love u Hamza

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